How to stay with us

Requesting a stay is as easy as 1,2,3

Connect with Us!

Contact the House to check if a room might be available. Family Service staff will walk you through the process of asking for a medical referral, which is required for all stays.

Take a deep breath

After your referral is submitted you’re officially on the waitlist. Sit back and take a deep breath. A member of our team will connect with you. 

Please call our team the day of your arrival to confirm your stay and determine a check-in time.

Welcome home!

Once checked in, our team will provide you with an orientation tour and answer any questions about your stay.

Welcome. We hope you feel safe and comfortable here.

Information & Expectations

Basic eligibility requirements are that the patient of the family must be a child that is 18 years of age or younger. The patient is either in, or coming to Saskatoon for medical treatment whether it be as an inpatient or outpatient. The family must live 40km or more outside of Saskatoon.

The suggested room contribution for families is $10.00 per night. This will help us to cover the cost of operating the House and keeping it in good repair. However, no one will be turned away if they cannot make the suggested room contribution.

Immediate family members of the patient are welcome to stay at the House. For our purposes, immediate family includes mother, father, caregivers or legal guardians, siblings and grandparents. Anyone staying at the House must be directly involved in the patient’s care or caring for siblings that may be staying at the House.

There is no limit to how long a family can stay at the House as long as you have a sick child who is needing medical attention.

Visitors are allowed during the day until 9 p.m. We have a log book that all visitors must sign-in. Visitors must follow the same policies as families during their visit.

To make your stay as comfortable as possible, the House is equipped with a variety of amenities and supplies.

Families have access to:

  • Playpens, strollers, breast pumps, and highchairs
  • Two fully-equipped kitchens with utensils, dishes, pots and pans, and various small appliances.
  • Laundry, living rooms, exercise, and play rooms – all in a modern 42,000 square foot home.
  • Computers and televisions
  • Complimentary hospital shuttle service

Most importantly, families are supported in a warm, compassionate and inclusive environment.

A full list of services and amenities is provided on our locations pages.

The House is designed with wheelchair accessibility throughout, as well as two elevators.

There is a complimentary hospital shuttle service available for families to use when needed.

At RMHC – SK we strive to create equitable experiences for all people, at all times. We recognize the value and importance of incorporating diverse perspectives in the ways that we serve families, and conduct business, and are dedicated to ongoing learning in the areas of reconciliation, equity, diversity and inclusion in order to create positive change.

All families seeking accommodation support are required to submit a medical referral. Families should ask their medical social worker, nurse or doctor to submit a medical referral by phone, by submitting the online referral form above together.

An updated Medical Referral will be requested after 6 months.

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A peek inside the Saskatoon House

Come with us on a tour of our cozy and inviting Saskatoon House.