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Mark your calendars for McHappy Day!

McHappy Day happens on Wednesday, May 8th, 2024 You’re invited to join us in celebrating McHappy Day – the biggest day of the year to support RMHC! On this special…

McHappy Day Family Ambassador

The Adams Family

Departing from RMHC-SK filled us with immense gratitude. It transformed a difficult time into a more positive experience.

Family AmbassadorMcHappy Day Family Ambassador

The Harker Family

It’s always a relief knowing there is somewhere we can stay so close to the hospital for al of our appointments

Family Ambassador

The Read Family

The cost of staying at RMH was significantly less and much more affordable than having to stay at a Hotel. Which greatly relieved me of that financial burden.

Family Ambassador

The Ashby Family

A phone call was all it took get some piece of mind back in our control after having our world turned upside down

McHappy Day Family Ambassador

The Rafuse Family

To have a place of comfort so close to the hospital and to be able to have a quick breather, do laundry, have a shower and grab a quick snack, was what helped fuel our strength to get us through these days.

McHappy Day Family Ambassador

The Vaughan Family

The very best part about RMHC-SK though, is the families themselves.

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