The Goulet Family

“Living and staying at RMHC-SK was truly a blessed experience.”

Our first experience with RMHC-SK occurred when I gave birth to my daughter a month early via emergency caesarean and she was airlifted to the Jim Patterson Hospital for a life-saving surgery to close her spine within half an hour after birth from her defect of having spinal bifida. While I was still in Regina recovering in hospital the social worker was helping me make arrangements to go to Saskatoon to be with my daughter. On day 3 after my daughter was born I was finally getting released and heading to Saskatoon. I was given the number to RMHC-SK after my referral was sent in by the social worker. As I left Regina Hospital I called RMHC-SK, to my surprise they received my referral and were awaiting my arrival that day. With high anxiety, I made my way to Saskatoon with my mother. Eager to finally meet my daughter after 3 days and only getting a brief look at her before she flew to Saskatoon.

Living and staying at RMHC-SK was truly a blessed experience. From the moment we arrived and checked in they gave us a welcome gift, a quick tour of the house and an outline of what happens before giving us directions to the Jim Patterson Hospital. When we got back from visiting my daughter for the first time in her life at 3 days old. They asked how the visit was and got me accessories for the pumps they have for mothers to use. They drove me to and from the hospital a couple of times even picking me up when the shuttle times were over. The pantries are stocked with food and snacks, as well as some cooked meals throughout the week. Makes life much easier when you have one less thing to think about. As we checked out for the first time they took us downstairs and gave us a parting gift which they do for all first-time families.

Now that I’ve stayed at RMHC-SK I would tell others how amazing it truly is there and how they help accommodate everyone with a child in the hospital. Our first of many stays was a week-long but all the staff, volunteers and other families all made the stay even easier and helped reduce stress. With my daughter having spinal bifida and her specialists being in Saskatoon we will be seeing a lot more of RMHC-SK. I hope families don’t have to go through the struggles and stay but if they do they will feel at home and loved in their tough times.

“Now that I’ve stayed at RMHC-SK I would tell others how amazing it truly is.”

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