The Kleinsasser Family

At RMH, there is always someone there you can talk to

Rebekah is a 7.15 years old girl who has a very rare genetic disorder. Rebekah is unconditionally loved by her Mom and Dad, and has one sister and two brothers. When we first heard of the disorder it was hard, but at the same time, it was a relief, because it took nearly 3.5 years to find a diagnosis.

“Friendly faces welcoming you in saying, “We have a Home for Dinner today!” is always nice.”

We had heard of RMHC but we never thought it would be a place we sometimes call home. Staying at RMHC makes it easier to take care of Rebekah, because there is always someone there you can talk to and learn something new. You know there are people feeling the same way you do, and knowing when you open the doors after a day at the hospital there will be friendly faces welcoming you in saying we have a “Home for Dinner” today is always nice.

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