The Adams Family

“Departing from RMHC-SK filled us with immense gratitude. It transformed a difficult time into a more positive experience.”

“Our initial encounter with RMHC-SK took place when our son was born prematurely at Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital following an appendectomy procedure. He was delivered at 29 weeks and 5 days gestational age. The hospital’s social worker facilitated our access to RMHC-SK for accommodation. We were promptly contacted and offered a place to stay while tending to our son. Our son remained in the NICU for 71 days, and our stay at RMHC-SK was truly exceptional.

Upon entering the RMHC-SK house, we were pleasantly surprised by its beauty and welcoming atmosphere. The staff were exceptional, displaying friendliness, thoughtfulness, and accommodation. Our room was clean and lovely, providing a sense of comfort and familiarity. The other families staying at the house were also welcoming, offering support during our challenging times.

Throughout our time there, we encountered a mix of challenges and moments of joy. These included recovering from surgery while looking after our son, navigating post-partum depression, and the happiness of finally bringing our son home. The house became a comforting refuge for us, bringing us closer to our son and offering a supportive community during our difficult period. We were grateful for the free meals, coffees, pastries, and snacks provided, which alleviated some of our stress and allowed us to prioritize quality time with our son.

Finally, the standout memory from our stay at the House is the incredible staff. Each day, we were welcomed with genuine smiles. The kitchen team consistently made sure we had meals and looked after us. The administrative team regularly checked in on us to provide support. The level of hospitality exceeded our expectations.

Departing from RMHC-SK filled us with immense gratitude. It transformed a difficult time into a more positive experience. We are extremely thankful for the dedicated staff, volunteers, and generous donations that made our stay possible.”

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