The Thompson Family

“Take a deep breath… You’re home now.”

Halle was born with a rare bowel disorder known as Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction, causing her to be admitted to hospital for the first time at 5 days old. Since then, she has spent long periods admitted to hospitals in Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary and Toronto, including 31 trips to the OR, 11 of which required stays in Saskatoon at Ronald McDonald House.

“Take a deep breath… You’re home now.” These words greeted us at the door the first time we stayed at the House, and really sum up a lot of what Ronald McDonald House meant for us. The moment you walk in, you could just feel some of the stress of being in the hospital melt away. It truly feels like a home, a place to just relax, regroup, and decompress. The House has everything you need, a kitchen providing everything from coffee and snacks to pre-made meals, laundry facilities and showers! Being 3 and a half hours from home, knowing that all of these things were available just a short walk from the hospital was a huge load off the mind.

“It truly feels like a home, a place to just relax, regroup, and decompress.”

Kaelyn Thompson, Yorkton, SK

It is hard to put into words just what Ronald McDonald Houses have meant for our family during Halle’s healthcare journey. To not have to worry about the financial strain of hotels, or to stress about being far away from the hospital often made tough situations just a little bit easier. They are always there when you need them, and the support they offer has meant the world to us.

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