The Wipf Family

“When we needed our own space that was also available to us.”

“From the first moment we stepped into RMHC-SK we felt welcomed and right at home. There was seldom a person you passed that didn’t offer a warm hello or even a friendly smile.

When the day didn’t quite go as we expected at the hospital, we looked forward to coming to the “House” as we began to call and think of RMHC-SK. There we could get away from the pain and stress of having loved ones in the hospital. There were so many comforts and a sense of community that related to Colony living that we could just fit right in. There was always a warm cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate within arm’s reach to set the mood and stomach for the day or for a good night’s sleep. And awesome baked goods. Thank you, bakers.

It was nice to talk with other families that went through similar or more critical things than we did and be a sense of strength and comfort to them and us alike. When we needed our own space that was also available to us. But I loved the sense of socialization more and that we always felt safe within the arms of the staff and volunteers. One other thing we felt was that everyone was treated as an equal.

Now that we have gotten the experience to spend our time at RMHC-SK at some of the most difficult times in our lives, we would recommend anybody who asks us to stay in the House, in a crisis should arise in their life, and wish them the best of luck with their loved ones and that they find their stay at RMHC-SK just as wonderful as we did. 41 nights at RMHC-SK, Mom and little Naomi are doing great. We can’t express our thanks and gratitude enough, so Thanks again, staff and volunteers!”

“Thanks again, staff and volunteers!”

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