Board of Directors

Trent Norman

Trent Norman joined the RMHC board in May of 2022 bringing with him over 25 years’ experience and expertise in financial, business & project management.

Trent attained his Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from the University of Saskatchewan in 1997. Over the next 16 years, he and his partners built and managed a successful wealth management practice through to the sale of their firm to National Bank Financial.

This was a wonderful inflection point that allowed Trent to take a step back, stick his head up, and look around to see what else the world may have to offer. This led to his decision to pursue a “real life MBA” by taking on a variety of targeted roles in which he could apply his skills and knowledge, while becoming educated about a variety of sectors, industries & companies.

Having been born and raised in Saskatoon, with his family proudly calling this city “home”, Trent looks forward to giving back to the community in service to the RMHC board.

As a self-declared “car guy”, when not driving his car or watching F1 racing, he can be found on his road bike putting in miles on the blacktop, or surfing behind the boat with his family at the lake.