The Perrault Family

All of my worries melted away

You never expect that you’re going to be a medical parent or have to travel away from home for care. It certainly wasn’t something that we were anticipating when we dreamed of starting a family of our own.

Our daughter was born in Regina in mid-February. We knew she needed surgery when she was born but were happy it could be performed in Regina. We didn’t expect there to be any further issues.

Our world came crashing down pretty quickly when we were told she would be transported to Saskatoon. We were rushing to get packed and make arrangements for our animals. We were told about RMHC before we left, we never had to worry about where we would stay or how it would work. Having a lodging arrangement while going through a family crisis was one of our biggest blessings.

We ended up staying at RMHC for just under 1/3 of 2022. Our daughter remained in the NICU for 104 days.

We are forever changed by having the opportunity to stay at RMHC. I remember being extremely nervous to stay there, not knowing what to expect. When we walked through the doors and met with Doreen, a wonderful member of the staff, all of my worries melted away.

The staff have a way of showing you they care about your well-being along with your child.

In the most stressful times that come with caring for a sick child, we felt wrapped with love and support.

Bailey & Michael Perrault, Regina, SK

Having access to lunches, dinners and snacks made life so much easier for us as we spent minimal time away from the hospital. We could always count on a hot cup of coffee and some fresh baking to make our day just a bit better.

We spent some of our darkest days, weeks and months away from our home. We want to thank the staff, volunteers and community for making those dark days a bit lighter.

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